Balancing today’s priorities while planning for tomorrow is a constant struggle.  It’s clear that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) are here to stay. But is 2018 the year when everyone jumps on the call center tech bandwagon?  Is cost the only reason to outsource your call center functions?  Are companies abandoning their outsourcing relationships to bring them in-house?
 Here are the five key insights of how BPO could help them in the coming year.
1. Strategic Alignment
 What’s the vital component leaders seek? Corporate strategy alignment. It is imperative that business partners share a common vision.  BPO partners must align with your vision of the company. And integrates with your culture and make management communication a top priority.  Without strategic alignment, it is impossible to achieve your long-term goals.
2.  Protect Vital Assets
BPO partners meet this need by offering long-term contracting and deep expertise. But what’s in the shadows that concerns our corporate leaders?  What keeps them awake at night?
Data Security. After the epic Equifax Breach of 2017 that affected 127 million people. Our respondents were clear that data security is their #1 concern.  And it will continue to be a major concern in the future. While cash is king, data is your reputation.  It takes a enormous investment of time, talent, and money to be safe in a cyber environment that is under attack.  BPO partners have an edge in the market by protecting their clients’ data and integrity.
 3. Improve The Customer Experience
Customers are the lifeblood of your business.  Improving their experience is key. You should define who your customer is, what they want, and how you can best serve them.
4. Invest In Tech
It’s clear that technology, including devices have more than a few companies scrambling to decide what investments will bring solid returns. While improving efficiency, these advances do come with a cost that must be balanced against anticipated returns. Video chat is an easy win for most companies.  A chatbot can also helps customers answer simple questions like, “when does my flight arrive?” or “what’s my account balance?” and since it doesn’t need sleep it helps customers 24/7.  BPO partners can start to help you bring these basic AI tools to the table. Also the advanced tools like visual IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition).
 5.  Stay With It
The vast majority choose to strengthen, not stop, their BPO partnerships. The best BPO partners will work with you to test performance. Thru providing a clear path to meeting milestones, and offer effective communication strategies. Choosing a provider to help you scale and strengthen your brand is key. The provider must have the experience to meet or exceed the proven processes to support your current and future operations.  In short, BPO providers are strategic partners who must have great management.