6 Smart Reasons to Choose Us!

Aussie owned and managed

Two Aussie business owners.

One lives in Australia and handles the running from Australia making sure we are up-to-date with Australian law and standards.

And the other lives in the Philippines and manages the team. He’s lived in the Philippines for over 10 years and understands the culture and the people.

We have eyes at both ends!

It’s the perfect set-up.

All in hourly rate!

Absolutely no surprises – EVER

This is huge. Most other companies have a set price PLUS all the extras.
And those extras add up quickly.

The price we quote you is the price you pay!

Wage, holiday pay, taxes etc. – all included!

It’s that simple!

High Quality Candidate

We have a very stringent interview process. We check references. We test their English skills. We do police and medical checks


DISC – personality profiling.

But best of all, Phil Labor is a sought-after company to work for. This means we attract quality candidates from the get-go!

No lock in contracts!

You can choose short or long-term OR just help with a particular project!

You don’t need to commit to a 12-month contract.

Hiring a VA can feel like a big step. It’s important you feel in control of this process and take the baby steps you feel comfortable with!

We want to assure you that you are in safe hands. We will work with you so that you get what you need from outsourcing!

90-day honeymoon period

Ok, sometimes the perfect candidate can turn out to be not so perfect.

It happens. We are dealing with real people after all.

That is why we guarantee that if you decide your VA isn’t the right fit, we will replace them free of charge!

This takes the fear out of the decision to give us a try!

And it doesn’t get better than that!

Loyal and Motivated Staff

We’ve mentioned previously that Phil Labor is a sought-after BPO. But it’s the reason why this is the case that is noteworthy.

Phil Labor is a successful and stable company, so they are guaranteed work! Phil Labor has a great reputation for helping its staff succeed. We have a buddy-up system where your VA can sit with their peers and learn extra skills to do your work better.

They are showered with food gifts (very important to the Filipinos – food is everything), we recognise and reward extraordinary work and they are supported every day.

We care for their wellbeing and firmly believe nurturing these individuals is our responsibility! We are rewarded with a loyal and motivated team! A win win win!

We’re excited to work with you!

Our team is excited to start working with you. If you have more questions and clarifications, we’ll be happy to answer them. You can book a consultation now by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

We meet all Philippine Government Requirements

Phil Labor is registered in the Philippines through our sister company and meets all Department of Labor (DOLE) requirements to operate in a Freeport Zone.

We Invoice in Australian dollars and remit GST

Phil Labor is Australian owned and operated and as such, we invoice in Australian dollars and remit GST as per ATO requirements.

Ready to get started?