Sales Support

Our sales support roles sell products and services to customers. They create solutions and find new sales leads for clients. We offer strong management, unparalleled transparency, modern facilities and dedication to meet your business needs.


Sales support role: Telemarketer’s main responsibility is to solicit orders for products or services by identifying prospective customers.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

  • Calls prospective customers to buy a service or product through telecommunication technologies
  • Influences customers into buying a service or product and provide them with the necessary information
  • Identifies prospects through scraped data or other listings
  • Secures private information by performing database backups database backups
Outsource with Phil Labor If you hire locally in Australia
From $12.50 per hour

* This is our all-In-Hourly rate and includes everything

From $24.04 per hour

*Add approx 30% for leave, superannuation, workers comp etc

Lead Generator

Sales support role: Lead generator is tasked with setting up appointments and looking for potential clients for the sales team to contact.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

  • Create a daily spreadsheet for the complete contact information of leads to be given to the sales team
  • Set appointments for the Business Development Sales Manager for closing qualified leads
  • Makes use of emailing to correspond with leads to follow up and to confirm appointments
Outsource with Phil Labor If you hire locally in the US If you hire locally in Australia
USD: 9.90 – AUD: 12.75 USD: 15 AUD: 20

Appointment Setter

Sales support role: Appointment setter is responsible for arranging a client’s schedule and booking appointments. It is an administrative task that must have excellent service standards.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

  • Manage schedules
  • Take incoming calls from clients or customers and set appointments if needed
  • Make outgoing calls to people who express interest in the service or product
  • Encode and document appointments booked throughout the day
Outsource with Phil Labor If you hire locally in the US If you hire locally in Australia
USD: 9.90 – AUD: 12.75 USD: 14 AUD: 20

Account Manager

Sales support role: Account manager’s responsibilities include developing long-term relationships with clients and connecting with business owners.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

  • Manage and develop client accounts and establish long-term business relationships
  • Manage and lead a team of account managers and assign them to clients
  • Is the primary point of contact between client and employees
  • Ensure successful and accurate delivery of business solutions according to client objectives
Outsource with Phil Labor If you hire locally in the US If you hire locally in Australia
USD: 12.75 – AUD: 16.40 USD: 21 AUD: 32
*Figures from Michael Page pay analysis sector

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