Offshore with Phil Labor

Become more competitive with offshore solutions from as little as $10.90 per hour

Are you finding…

Sales Targets are getting hard to meet

Margins are getting tighter and tighter?

Admin Costs are eating to your bottom line with no end in sight?

Manufacturers are playing hard ball with warranty claims?

Social Media/Marketing is all too hard or no time?

Good staff difficult to find or keep?

Need more help but not enough money?

Do you suffer from these or similar challenges in your business

Well, one of the answers to these growing challenges is really quite simple. And 5% of Australian Businesses know it and are secretly doing it and have gained a significant edge over their competitors.

In fact, some have saved up to 70% on their bottom line costs.

Would you like to know


It’s quite simple really, these small to medium sized businesses are outsourcing the labor of any task that can be done at another location, thinking outside the box and future proofing themselves.


..once you know how and with over 8 years experience in offshoring.


Let Us Understand Your Needs

Let us understand your needs

(Give us a job description and we’ll get things going)
We Recruit Only The Best Candidates

We Recruit Only The Best Candidates

(We’ll screen them for you to interview)
Dedicated Staff Exclusively Working For You

Dedicated Staff Exclusively Working For You

(Professional workforce on time and ready to work)
Quality-Driven Management

Quality-Driven Management

(Professional workforce on time and ready to work)

What you get with Phil Labor

Transparency and Open Communication

No Fixed Term Contracts

Quality Advice & Services Offered

Flexible Staff for Each Team

Availability to Scalable Solutions

Advanced in-House Technology

Clear Set of Guidelines and Expectations

Promotes Cost Efficiency

Manages Projects Across Time Differences

Experience in Handling Cultural Differences

24/7 Surveillance and Data Security

24/7 Back Up Infrastructure

Australian Owned and Operated

Business Support

Business Support

Virtual Receptionist

General Administrator

Data Entry Operator

Warranty Claims Clerk

Virtual Personal Assistant

Parts Interpreter


Marketing Job Roles

Marketing Job Roles

Digital Marketing Specialist

SEO Specialist

Social Media Specialist

Marketing Manager

Campaign Manager

IT Support

IT Support

Software Developer

Mobile App Developer

Tech Support

Quality Assurance Specialist

Network Engineer

Network Administrator

Business Administrator

Contact Center

Contact Center

Inbound / Outbound Sales Reps

Customer Service Reps

Email & Chat Support

Help Desk Specialist

Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting


Payroll Specialist

Collections Specialist

Accounts Payable Specialist


Reconciliation Specialist





Lead Generator

Appointment Setter

Account Manager

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