Data Security and Monitoring

Not thinking enough about Data Security & Monitoring is unacceptable. For something so important it is crazy how little people ‘check’ how secure something is before they ‘sign up’.

For something so important it is crazy how little people ‘check’ how secure something is before they ‘sign up’.  

‘Yes, I’ll download that app’ or ‘…………………….’

But this is your business’s intellectual property!  You don’t want your ideas, your systems or your projects in the hands of a stranger that can be lost at a click of a button.

 Todays’ society is all online now due to lockdowns.  Its the ‘new way’ of doing business. Working from home is the norm.

So you need to check what protocols are in place to keep your data and content safe!

What stops them from selling our IP or contact lists?  What assuraties do you have?

And what if they have an IT problem?  Who solves that?

Doing your work can only happen if the computer systems are up-to-date and managed correctly.

Why Data Security is important to consider when outsourcing?

And why is this even a question? Of course it is important! Data Security and Management is the first thing that you should have in mind before choosing an outsourcing partner.

You should always ask: Is my data secure? Where is my data saved? Do you have redundant and encrypted backup of my data? How can I make sure that it’s really secure?

Do I have to trust you if you say that it’s secure or I can verify it on my end?

These are some of the few questions that you need to keep in mind before handing over your personal business data, account passwords, and any sensitive information.

With the help of Phil Labor, you will have a peace of mind that your data is perfectly safe and secure.

At Phil Labor we make sure your data is secure.

We use a secure monitoring system. Our data are backed up on secure cloud infrastructure and we provide IT support – even during lockdown. All our employees sign confidentiality notice. Any breach implies significant penalties and fines are in place for up to $15000 – All in place to protect our clients!

We meet all Philippine Government Requirements

Phil Labor is registered in the Philippines through our sister company and meets all Department of Labor (DOLE) requirements to operate in a Freeport Zone.

We Invoice in Australian dollars and remit GST

Phil Labor is Australian owned and operated and as such, we invoice in Australian dollars and remit GST as per ATO requirements.

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