Selecting the cheapest option?

Choosing price over quality.  We get it.  Money saved is money in your pocket!

But when you start wholly focusing on the cheapest option you often miss the ‘tell-tale’ signs that it might not be the best option.

Paying a smidge higher hourly rate often lifts you into the next bracket of quality and competency.

The best candidates want a long term career choice.  They want to work for a good company!

Quality is worth paying for! You are paying for their expertise and their experience.

Don’t neglect the real value the VA brings to your business.  You want their work to reflect that!

And remember, you want not only the ‘best person’ for the job but the whole team for the job.  It’s the little things behind the scenes that the team do that add up; problem solve, manage, invoicing, payments, buddy up..  Its worth finding out what is included in the ‘hourly rate’ and what you get for it.

Save and get high quality output at the same time!

At Phil Labor, you get a team that goes above your expectations!

Everything is included in the hourly rate.

We pay their government and private health cover, provide for home saving account, pay super, retirement scheme, personal taxes.

Why You Should Outsource and hire Filipino people?

There is no doubt the Philippines has been a venture for outsourcing businesses all over the world. And Filipinos have high work ethics.

So, why hire virtual Filipinos in the Philippines? Check out these 5 great reasons why your best choice is the Philippines and Filipino people.

We meet all Philippine Government Requirements

Phil Labor is registered in the Philippines through our sister company and meets all Department of Labor (DOLE) requirements to operate in a Freeport Zone.

We Invoice in Australian dollars and remit GST

Phil Labor is Australian owned and operated and as such, we invoice in Australian dollars and remit GST as per ATO requirements.

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