Looking to Hire a Freelancer?

Freelance by definition, means “Self-employed and hired to work for different companies on particular assignments.” Before hiring one, make sure to know the consequences.

And here lies the first problem. 

They are not ‘just dedicated to you’.  They are constantly being pushed and pulled in different directions chasing the bigger deal to keep them ‘employed’ for longer. 

Freelancers are not solely focused on you.

You have no control over their priorities.  How does your ‘urgent’ win over the next companies urgent?

Hiring a freelancer means you cannot supervise their on-going work.  You can’t check in and see what stage they are up to.

And there’s no backup.  There’s no company behind them.

So if they get “hit by a bus” (syndrome) or get sick OR just go missing you are left hanging.  No-one can pick up the slack!

You need a company behind you.  You need someone managing, monitoring, fixing the IT problems and making sure they are putting in the designated time you are paying for.  And if something goes wrong, you are not left hanging.

Outsource at Phil Labor instead of Hiring a Freelancer!

At Phil Labor we negate these freelance problems. You get your dedicated person with a team behind them!

We meet all Philippine Government Requirements

Phil Labor is registered in the Philippines through our sister company and meets all Department of Labor (DOLE) requirements to operate in a Freeport Zone.

We Invoice in Australian dollars and remit GST

Phil Labor is Australian owned and operated and as such, we invoice in Australian dollars and remit GST as per ATO requirements.

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