Virtual assistants (VA’s) have gained more popularity among business owners through the years. Small and medium business owners are hiring their virtual assistants to reduce costs, save time, unburden themselves from exhausting tasks, improve their business, and more. Having a virtual assistant is highly beneficial for you if you select the right one that fits your business.

Here are some kinds of VA that could assist you in running your business:

1. General Virtual Assistants

The most common types of VA’s are general virtual assistants. They take care of the administrative and secretarial duties in your business; hence they are also called virtual administrative assistants. They’re like your secretary minus the errands running and coffee making. Your general VA can take over in managing your emails, schedule, set appointments, make reports, format documents and other tasks that you need to accomplish on a day-to-day basis.
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2. Marketing Virtual Assistants

There are two types of marketing VA’s— digital marketing and social media. While social media is a part of digital marketing, some business owners want to hire a VA that solely focus on social media.

Digital marketing VA’s assist you in promoting your business through digital technologies and channels like search engines, social media, websites, email, web applications and more. These types of VA’s create content and does digital advertising for your business. They are highly skilled and versatile individuals that could help you grow your business.
Social media VA’s, on the other hand, takes care of the marketing and promotion of your business through social media specifically. Since the world of digital marketing is too broad, social media VA’s focus on creating content and interacting with your customers on social media.

In general, marketing virtual assistants helps you streamline your marketing efforts. If you are a business owner that is not well-versed on how to market your business using digital technologies, then marketing VA’s are for you.

3. Virtual Accountants and Bookkeepers

Bookkeeping is one of the vital parts of any business process. However, managing your cash flow and financial transactions can be very exhausting especially if you are only a small or startup business with no one else to manage it. Outsourcing a virtual accounting or bookkeeping assistants will lift the burden off of your shoulders. They will take care of your inventory management, revenue and expenditures, and other financial areas of your business. With Phil Labor, our VA’s have a degree in accounting so we assure you that they have the right skills and expertise in managing your business’ finances.

4. Help Desk and Customer Service Support

Customer service makes up about 70% of the business process outsourcing industry in the Philippines. More and more business owners from different countries outsource their customer service in the Philippines because it’s the most cost-efficient thing to do. And since most Filipinos speak English, you will be assured that they can communicate properly to your customers. If you are a business owner that has products or services that requires customer service assistance for your clients, outsourcing one could be it for you.

5. Real Estate/Mortgage Virtual Assistants

As a real estate professional, it’s hard to balance managing administrative duties and selling properties daily. There aren’t just enough hours in a day for you to accomplish everything. With a virtual assistant who specializes in real estate, you can delegate these tasks like making calls, gathering documentation, and providing backend support to them while you focus on getting sales. They can also help you in sales by doing lead generation and looking for prospective clients.

6. Data Entry Assistants

Probably one of the most tiresome but necessary activity business owners face is data entry tasks. Compiling, sorting, and managing data entries daily is the number one time-killer for entrepreneurs. Instead of wasting your time on these tedious tasks, you can dedicate your time in doing core business operations by outsourcing a data virtual data entry assistant. You will not only save time and effort but money as well.

Aside from those mentioned above, there are other VA specific roles you can hire based on your business needs. They are less expensive than a full-time in-house employee. Outsourcing a VA can save you more time and between 50-70% savings on your business operation costs. 5% of Australian business owners are doing it already.

If you want to focus on increasing profit while someone else takes care of some of your business functions, Phil Labor can help you. We can help you on how to save time and money through outsourcing. We have very talented virtual assistants that could be exactly what you’re looking for!

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