How do you make your employees stay with you?

MONEY, MONEY and MONEY!!! Did you read that right? Well, that is the “gut reaction”. Believe it or not money is one of the motivating factors. But not the only one standing out there to have your employees stick with you.

It is the team and the working relationship that make you stay lasts in the company. Having a great team members and nice bosses are the perfect combination to work last forever. So, How can you keep your team together and thriving? Keep on reading and let’s get it down on this in a second.

Motivation is the key to everything that we do. Motivation in Psychology is the process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviors.

The following are some of the strategies in motivating your team:

1. Recognition/ Feedback

Strong team should have a feedback culture. Where everyone in a team has the right to give feedback and vice versa. Feedback can apply to future performance. Recognition and Feedback are the easiest way to motivate your team. A simple appreciation by saying: You are doing a great job” could go a long way.

2. Money/Position

Promotion and salary increase can keep your employees satisfied. Most especially if it’s related with recognition. The initiation from the boss is better rather than coming from the employee. But keep in mind that money and position don’t always do the trick if the company culture is not working.

 3. Responsibility

Responsibility means feeling it’s your duty to deal with what comes up. Being accountable. And make decisions without authorization. As an individual we do have a lot of responsibilities. Same goes as an employee. You are responsible to help to contribute in the success of the company.

 4. Competition/ Goal-Setting

Setting goals at work is the main ingredient to keep you going and staying in the company. And Team goals are always the key for keeping everyone aligned and working with one goal. This can also save ample time and builds up efficiency.

Hope these four strategies will really help you in motivating yourself as well as your team.