Running a small business requires a shift in your thoughts habit. Most successful entrepreneurs have daily habits to keep their priorities aligned.  A typical workday involved completing tasks that your business requires on time.  We spend years of our working life, usually doing what we do best – but for someone else.  A mechanic is usually good at fixing cars. A hairdresser gives great hair cuts. And an administrator keeps the company in line by taking care of the necessary paperwork.  By habit and usually necessity, we spend years working ‘in’ our business.  That all changes when we become entrepreneurs
The statistics claim that, the majority of small businesses fail within the first three years. Running a successful garage takes more than being a great mechanic. To grow your business, You need to spend time on business development and training.  And this may end you up wearing about nine different hats.
The simple fact is as a small business owner, you have to work both ‘in’ your business and ‘on’ your business.  Working ‘on’ your business requires you to think a little . It means taking a step back and check. Also means experimenting with different ways to grow your business. It involves taking the time to sit down. And able to go over your numbers on both the revenue and expense side of your spreadsheet. So, you know exactly what your costs are and how much revenue you need. Reading about new trends or technologies counts as working ‘on’ your business. As a business owner you should be able to focus on “growing relationship” . And keep learning with all your might.
If you have spent time working ‘on’ your business you will know your numbers and the value of your time.  It is cheaper to hire someone to handle tasks that you aren’t skilled at. Successful small businesses owners surround themselves with talented people. From there, They are free to do what they do best.Working on your business and not in your business is a way to work smarter and not harder.
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