What Can a VA Do for You?

A virtual assistant is abbreviated to VA, also called a “virtual office assistant”. It is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely from a home office. (WIKIPEDIA)

A virtual assistant can GROW YOUR BUSINESS. Free up your time to concentrate on raising your bottom line.

A virtual assistant can SAVE MONEY. Save money by paying only for hours worked. No additional costs.

A virtual assistant GAIN EXPERTISE. Access to professional administrative expertise.

A virtual assistant can INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY. More productivity, less downtime.

A virtual assistant can REDUCE OFFICE EXPENSES. No need to provide office space or equipment.

Working with a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant can work in Realty, Marketing, Online Promotions, Admin duties, Social Media and Research.

In Hiring your Virtual Assistant these are the things to consider:

Do they have a reasonable turnaround time?
Does it make sense financially?
Do they have great references?
Do they have experience in what you need?
Do they seem trustworthy?
Are they easy to communicate with?

Tips for Working with VA

1. Don’t expect them to come to your location.
2. Know your budget and be upfront about it.
3. Be clear in your explanations and requests.
4. Start with a trial project.

A virtual assistant is a backup plan when you’re too busy to do it all!

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