Here are a Few Reasons Why Having a Virtual Assistant Trumps Having a Physical Assistant
1. It takes ample time to find the right person. It needs to be someone who’s entitled and matches your personality, so you can have them around all day.
2. In-house employees cost you more than their salary! You have to train them. Pay for their insurance and when they’re having a bad day (which is reasonable) your business may suffer.
3. You cannot afford someone full-time anyway but you’re overwhelmed with chores. Tedious paperwork and a line of projects.
4. You are not willing to spend time on interviewing, hiring and training.
The niche of virtual assistants for hire is growing over the last few years. And the internet has us all interconnected so much, that it’s almost like having an in-house employee.
Talented professionals can be your call center. Or your social media manager or could be your SEO marketing expert. There is a wide variety of professions you can outsource to a virtual assistant or a virtual assistant company. From simple administrative tasks to accounting or human resources management.
Which Kind of Virtual Assistant Mode will Address your Company’s Needs?
Individual Virtual assistant is suitable for working with a certain individual.
Virtual Assistant companies are the best solution when you want to outsource specific tasks don’t need your attention. It’s important to go with the option that best answers your needs and helps your small business grow.
Hire an Individual Assistant When:
You are a new small business owner who wants to focus on kick-starting your venture the best way you can. You need to get rid of repetitive duties and let an individual virtual assistant take care of all this for you. All those daunting tasks that consume your time with your creativity can be a thing of the past. By hiring a virtual assistant you don’t have to micromanage them too. 
Hiring an individual VA has one more plus. You get to train them to work for you according to your workflow, style and corporate culture! Who knows? one day you can incorporate them into your team if you’ve made an asset out of them!
A dedicated virtual assistant is the best solution. When you want to delegate sensitive financial procedures. If you use an invoicing platform for your invoicing needs you have to grant access to your virtual assistant. You don’t want your business’s data to be visible by random virtual assistants working for a company.
Finally, one more reason to hire a virtual assistant that works alone is the reasonable pricing. This varies from person to person and depends on the task. But, the best virtual assistants usually have a more specific price range. All you have to do here is weigh your options, but never forget that a good virtual assistant is worth every penny!