Outsourcing is the latest thing that is happening to a lot of budget conscious businesses all over the world. Through Outsourcing, companies entrust businesses process of their business functions in offshore locations. And Outsourcing can help businesses in Time, Money and Productivity.

 1. Time. As a business owner, You want to free up of your time to focus on the core task of your business. You need to delegate the tasks that you are not expert about. This allows you to spend more time in growing your business.

 2. Money. It is really proven and tested that Outsourcing is almost always cheaper option. And will save you money. Outsourcing offshore like Philippines will save you 50- 75% in comparison to other country.

3. Productivity.We always want to get things done with productivity. We are always looking forward to the quality of our work. Even on small business, You want your team to work with productivity. Not just busy working but it will result that your team is being productive.


4. Customization. Through Outsourcing you can customize your outsourcing services. You can outsource the skill- set that you only want on your business.

Nowadays, Sales and marketing is one of the most outsourced. And allows companies to reach more audience in a budget cost compared to hiring an in-house team. Let us see here why Outsourcing companies actually effective.


The sales and marketing teams are first required to create strategies along with their client. And to exactly cater to the target audience of the client. A common strategy is created to address the needs of the client and the same is followed by the outsourced agents to get most sales. The team managers and team leaders play a significant role in implementing the strategy and getting best results for the client.

 Creating Script

Outsourcing companies also make use of a script which the agents follow when making a call. It includes pleasantries, detailed information about the product. Or service along with instruction about how to proceed with the sale. Apart from sales and marketing, if it is an inbound technical process, the script will have detailed solution to common customer queries which the agents can use to resolve the queries of the customers. The scripts are generally provided by the client and updated .

Lead Generation

Once the strategy is in place, the next step is lead generation.
There are many different ways in which a company can generate leads. Moreover, there are companies that offer leads to the outsourced firm to work on them. These are generally targeted leads which fit the services or products offered by the client.

If the leads are being generated by the outsourced firm, they have certain criteria on the basis of which they qualify and disqualify the generated leads. Some of the most important considerations include an overview of the customer, an overview of opportunity, bid or no bid recommendation, eligibility and teaming agreement. If the lead fits the pre-defined criteria, it is then passed in the sales force development cycle .

 Closing Sales

Closing the sales is the most important part of the whole process. Closing sales can have different meanings for different call center outsourcing processes. For some, it can mean selling a product or service while for others it might mean collecting the details of the customer and passing to the client


The sales won and lost throughout the week and months are closely monitored by the managers to look for ways in which the services can be further improved. The client remains informed throughout the process with regular exchange of calls and emails. If any kind of changes is to be made to the sales plan or script, the team are provided adequate training for the same to deliver the desired results.

This is generally how things work when businesses make use of outsourcing services for their sales and marketing. The strategies are implemented and continually improved by the outsourcing service providers to offer better services to the clients and customers. Even the agents go through regular training and the quality is regularly monitored by the team leaders and managers to make sure that every agent is able to deliver the best.

Indeed, Outsourcing is really helping the businesses all over the world. It saves you time and money and results into productivity.