When you first started your business, it’s automatic that you’ll have to take care of everything. From getting sales, managing financial matters, doing administrative tasks, and more. As your business expands, the tasks also increase and you’ll realize that there aren’t enough hours in a day to accomplish everything. 

You’re torn between hiring someone and saving the cash for more important business functions. But what if you don’t have to choose? With the help of Phil Labor, you can get a virtual assistant at a lower cost.

Additionally, if you still aren’t quite sure yet, here are some things to consider to know if you need a virtual assistant.

1. You spend more time doing administrative and repetitive tasks every day.

Do you spend more than 90 minutes a day responding to emails or answering calls? Probably doing spreadsheets or your invoices? These tasks may be small but you’ll be surprised how much time they take away from you especially if you do them regularly. If you have very important tasks to do but takes so much time that you could rather use to improve the business and get more sales, then you probably need to get a virtual assistant.

2. You’re spending a lot of time doing tasks that you know someone else could do better

Do you often do tasks like the following for your business? 

  • Doing your own accounting and bookkeeping
  • Writing content for your marketing promotions
  • Creating graphic design
  • Managing social media
  • And more

You’re probably the one who does everything even if you are not really good at those tasks when you first started your business. However, these tasks are so time-consuming and often complicated and there are chances that you may be doing them wrong. So make better use of your time and outsource someone with the right expertise to do these tasks.

3. You need an additional person/s on the team but you are low on cash

One of the most important things in doing business is having enough manpower to keep it running. As an entrepreneur, you can get overwhelmed with work and may need additional members to take care of certain aspects of the business. But what if you don’t have enough budget to hire a full-time staff in-house? You’ll be surprised that the cost of hiring a virtual assistant is a lot cheaper compared to hiring someone in-house. 

With Phil Labor, it’s much cheaper because rather than paying “seat fees” for our virtual assistants, we apply an “all-in hourly rate” for our staff packages. This “All-in Hourly Rate” package incorporates all fees and charges, including staff salaries within an hourly rate.

Outsourcing can streamline your process and can drive forward your business faster and more effectively than you could have done alone or with a small in-house team. By outsourcing a virtual assistant with Phil Labor, you can save extra cash that you can use in other areas of your business so it can grow and improve.

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