Social Media and Content Marketing should go hand in hand. They are really made for each other. These would help the branding into your business and increase engagement to all your social media channels.

There are 5 types of social media content that could convert:

1. Interactive content 

Interactive content allows viewers to respond to it in more than comments or likes.
Observe Hubspot’s Facebook page and you’ll notice that most of their post texts end with a question mark. The smallest of efforts to make your content interactive can make a difference. 

Your internal content marketing team should be doing creative interactive content:

a. quizzes
b. polls
c. contests
d. QandAs for social media

2. eBooks

Promoting eBooks across social media platforms would increase your lead generation efforts.

By the help of organic and paid social media promotions, you can get access to new target groups. And from there you can introduce them into your conversion funnels. To make organic promotion more effective, you could use introductory text as teasers. You could also pin Tweets or partner with influencers like some brands.

If you can’t create eBooks on a regular basis, you could outsource to a fully-managed content agency like Godot Media, Brafton or Great Content. 

3. Positive content 

Posts that evoke strong emotions in people are more likely to succeed on social media. Further, it’s not very surprising that it’s positive emotions such as awe, amusement, and laughter that make people want to share. You could even share inspirational content such as quote covers. And struggles, and achievements to encourage more people to share. 

One way to find positive content to share is by subscribing to updates from research organizations so you can share positive findings with your target audience. 

4. Visual content 

According to a study, 70% is the rate of understanding labels with text only. To increase audience comprehension, visuals are necessary. Everyone recommends using visuals, but which ones to use and how? You could use humor on visual posts as Kim Garst does, or memes like Post Planner does. You could also represent complex concepts in an easy to grasp manner using visuals. Large block objects and text with arrows to show associations work very well in crowded environments like on social media. 

When creating your social media content, check if you could represent something visually before committing to text.

5. User Generated Content (UGC)

User-Generated Content is valuable in earning impressions and engagement on social media. Especially on platforms such as Instagram, UGC can boost interactions and reach. Caption contests, story contests, review contests are all great examples of UGC.
You could even consider gifting social media influencers your merchandise and tagging them with a captioned post on social media. Or, you could curate content – write-ups and art from fans, customers and social media influencers. 

When sharing UGC, ensure that you tag relevant people and add the right hashtags to increase exposure for your content. 

This post lists five types of social media content that convert and ideas on how you can create them. 

The content that you create should entertain, inspire, converse, educate and convince.

For Entertain category, you can share viral, quizzes, branded videos, games and competitions.

In the Inspire category you can get celebrity endorsements, community forums and share reviews.

In the Educate section you can put guides, Infographics, articles,
E-books, and demo videos.

And in the Convince part you can have interactive demos, Webinars, case studies, ratings data sheets and calculations.

What do you get in return in producing these great contents?

1. Increased traffic to your website
2. Customers become ambassadors
3. A stronger relationship with your customers
4. Positioning as a thought leader
5. Fewer customer services inquiries or complaints


Social Media facilitates sharing ideas and content in the internet world. Big and small businesses benefit from social media. Brand awareness – Compelling and relevant content will grab the attention of potential customers and increase brand visibility.