The only constant in this world is changing. Everything is changing. Just like the Marketing Trends. And what are the digital marketing trends that will own 2019? This article is from the social report.

2018 has been a year of improving and building off of 2017’s social media trends. So far, we’ve seen a continued reality, video content, and influencer marketing.

Let’s check how the ever-changing digital marketing landscape may look in a few months.

The Rise of Smart Speakers

This one may be strange to see on a digital marketing trends list. 65% of smart speaker owners say they wouldn’t want to go back to life without their voice-controlled assistant.

So how does this tie in with digital marketing? More and more online publications embrace voice and publish audio content. They’ll do this in hopes of landing on listener’s and encouraging their followers to follow daily.

After all, publications need to monetize content. Amazon, Google, and Apple may very well launch their own advertising platforms. This is making it easier for companies to buy and sell ad space. Think Adwords but for your Google Home.

Internet Will Catch Up To Television

Research shows that internet will catch up on the television in 2019. According to the study, people will spend 2.6 hours a day online and 2.7 hours a day watching the tube in 2019. 45 minutes of an average person’s internet time will be spent watching mobile video.

Because of this, companies will spend less money on television ads. And more money on web video, social media, and web ads Will your company do the same?

Live Video Will Keep Growing

It’s no secret that YouTube, Facebook and Instagram’s live video services made waves in 2016, 2017, and 2018. In fact, in 2016 more than 80% of internet users watched more live video than the year prior. —likely due to the rise of more modern streaming services.

Don’t let your brand be late to the live video bandwagon. 67% of live viewers say they are more likely to buy a concert ticket to see a band. Or attend an event if they’ve seen a live stream of a similar event online.

Further, 45% of live audiences would pay to see a favourite athlete, team, or performer on an online stream.

Social Media Will Be More Integrated Into Other Services

Social media companies will continue to integrate their services into third-party applications. For example, how Facebook and LinkedIn allow users to sign up for third-party services. Including their accounts and share data with third-party services.

Social media apps may start to share more user data with their audiences. And create a more seamless experience across third-party apps. This helps social media companies keep their dominance. Gain more info about users, and provide better services for smaller websites and apps.

 Video and Video Ads Will Keep Growing, Too

As the live video, the traditional video will keep growing too. Studies expect video to account for a whopping 85% of total internet traffic by 2019. Further, 54% of internet users already watch video on a social media platform monthly. And that number will only grow over the coming years.

Video ads are on the rise too. 65% of ad impressions on Instagram were the result of video content. And we’re expecting that number to grow even further.

Marketers should consider adding video for their 2019 social media strategy. Some ways of doing this are by running video ads on YouTube. Creating video content in-house. partnering with an influencer for paid product placement. Also endorsement in their videos.

Chatbots Will Become A Normal Thing

We expect chatbots to continue growing in 2019. And they’ll likely see become more “normal” in the eyes of consumers. In other words: the novelty will fade but we will see them become more widespread and usable.

By 2019 we expect chatbots to be the first place someone goes to order a pizza, choose a mobile plan. Or even book a hotel room. Chatbots enable your users to do all this without the hassle of downloading a native app.

Data says chatbots will dominate too. According to a study out of, Only 19% of the 5,000 people surveyed had a negative perception of chatbots. Further, 33% had a positive view and 48% were indifferent so long as their problems were resolved.

Stay ahead of the curve and develop a chatbot for your brand. They’re easy to develop. And may make the difference between closing a quick sale or losing a customer.

 The Rise of The Social CEO

In an era of fake news, it’s important for CEOs and other top executives to be social. This boosts your company’s reputation. Helps build trust with your users. And even makes your company more appealing to job applicants.

According to data from OkToPost, in 2016 only 40% of CEOs were active on social media. Of those users, 70% only used LinkedIn.

There are some ways that CEOs can have his or her voice heard. A few of the best ways are by posting to the company blog, writing on Medium, Tweeting from a personal account. And also writing blog posts on LinkedIn.

Now that we learned all these digital marketing trends that will dominate in 2019. What trends do you think will dominate 2019? Comment down below.