Productivity is the efficiency of a person, system or machine. A productive person is someone who does the important tasks daily. These tasks will generate more value and progression.

On your workday, Do you ever get to finish what you have started? Or do you make a list but still have a long list To Do at the end of the day?

At times do you find yourself having a hard time to be productive at work because you don’t know how and where to start?

Here are the ways that you can incorporate in increasing your productivity.

1. Leverage the power of habits to build productive routines.

Habits are simple choices we make at certain moments. We stop thinking about them, but we continue doing them once we are committed to the habit.ย  Sometimes we are not able to remember the reasoning that led us to make the decision that built the habit. If you understand how they work, then you can act on them with more chances of success.

2. Stop multitasking and start batching.

I understand that you want to take care of everything at once; especially if they seem petty and easy. But that strategy doesn’t work to be productive on your task. Start Batching. And this is when you gather all similar tasks and do them all at once.

3. Take breaks.

Most people think that they can do more when they don’t take breaks. Studies show that taking regular breaks will enhance your concentration. Taking a break for a five- minute walk around the office or drinking a glass of water will relax you. Also when you take your break, don’t think about work

4. Set goals.

Goal setting is a key to increase productivity. The more specific the goal is, The more success you will have achieving it. Commit to your goals and believe that your set goals are achievable.

5. Regular Exercise.

We all know that exercise can improve our health. And Yes, it increases productivity. The latest research shows that a regular exercise routine can make you happier, smarter, and more energetic.

In Summary, nothing comes easy. Not every day will be perfect and productive. So donโ€™t beat yourself up over it. Once you find what works best for you, you will be able to work smarter instead of working harder.

Ok, I said it all, Let me take my precious break from here.