Hiring a Virtual Assistant in one of the most important hires that you can make as an entrepreneur. Here are the lists on how to hire or contract a Virtual Assistant.
1. Start Small
You don’t need to outsource everything right away. Start small by finding a task or two that you can delegate to someone else. Some ideas include email management, research, and outreach. (i.e. finding blogs you can guest post on). Also, writing, and website set up.
2. Write a Description of the Work You Want to delegate and How.
Virtual assistants know their job and are great resources of ideas. But, as a home business owner, you also have preferences for how you want things done. The best way to work with a virtual assistant is to have clear directions on how you like things done. Create a manual, that outlines all the tasks related to the project you want your VA to do. Use screenshots or screenshot video for visual instruction if needed. The clearer your instructions are, the faster your VA will be up and running. If she asks questions, be sure to add the information in your manual. That way, if/when she moves on, the next VA will have an easy time taking over.
3. Determine out How Much Time You Need Your Virtual Assistant to Work
Starting out, you may need only a few hours a month. As you add new activities, you might need several hours a week. It is possible to hire a virtual assistant by project or as needed. But they prefer to know in advance how much time to give you so they can schedule their other clients. Knowing how much time you’ll need a VA to work also allows you to budget the cost of help.
4. Use Your Network to Find a Virtual Assistant.
Hiring a virtual assistant requires a leap of faith that you’ll find someone who can do the work. And is honest about the time it takes to complete the tasks. The best way to find a competent, trustworthy virtual assistant is through referrals.
5. Set up a Test-Drive With Your New Virtual Assistant.
All the virtual assistants I’ve worked with have been nice and competent, but not all have been a good fit. Start out your relationship with a probationary period.
Many virtual assistants charge by the hour, month, and/or a retainer. A retainer fee is an upfront cost incurred by an individual to pay for the services.
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